Kumho I'Zen RV KC16 Tires

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Kumho® I'Zen RV KC16 tires are winter tires for light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. If you experience severe winter weather, then you should consider Kumho I'Zen RV KC16 tires for your vehicle. They can help your vehicle maintain traction and control when the roads get bad.

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Technology & Benefits of Kumho I'Zen RV KC16 Tires

Winter Traction & Control

Kumho I'Zen RV KC16 tires feature 5 wide channel grooves to push water out of the way for traction power. But because winter throws much more at you than wet roads, these tires incorporate cross-linked sipes and saw blade sipes. These narrow grooves in the tread pattern create stability for improved handling on snow and ice. They also have biting edges to to grip snowy and icy driving surfaces.

Studdable Winter Tires

If you regularly face extreme winter driving conditions, Kumho I'Zen RV KC16 tires may be the tires you're after. They are pinned for studs, which means they are ready to have winter tire studs added to them. Depending where you drive, winter tire studs may be required by law.