Kumho Radial 798 Plus Tires

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Kumho® Radial 798 Plus tires are dependable tires for trucks and SUVs. These tires have high government ratings for road grip, treadwear, and heat resistance. Those are 3 critical safety and performance aspects of replacement tires. When it comes time to buy new tires, make sure you choose tires like Kumho Radial 798 Plus. They were approved by automakers like Hyundai.

Find out if these tires fit your vehicle by checking the sticker on your driver's side door jamb. You'll see the size, type, weight limit, and speed rating that your vehicle needs.

Technology & Benefits of Kumho Radial 798 Plus Tires


Kumho Radial 798 Plus tires have a durable tread design that maintains its grip on the road throughout any season. These tires were designed for driving in rain and in light snow. They also make your drive smooth and comfortable when the weather is dry.


These SUV tires have a high rating for treadwear. When you maintain them properly by checking your inflation and tread depth, you'll get thousands of safe miles out of them. The more miles your tires last, the more money you save.

Heat Resistance

Kumho Radial 798 Plus tires have the highest government rating for heat resistance. Heavier vehicles like SUVs and light trucks put more pressure on tires than lighter vehicles. With the wrong set of tires, that can lead to excessive heat build up that damages the tires. If you choose tires that complement your vehicle, such as these Kumho tires, you can be sure that they'll stay cool.