Kumho Road Venture AT KL78

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Kumho® Road Venture AT® KL78 tires were designed for pickup trucks, SUVs, and all-terrain vehicles. Engineers created these tough tires for durability and safety in unforgiving conditions. If you need to drive your rugged vehicle on and off the road, then check out Kumho Road Venture AT KL78 tires.

Technology & Benefits of Kumho Road Venture AT KL78 Tires

All-Terrain Tread

Road Venture AT KL78 tires were made with a durable material mixed into their treads. This material, or tread compound, resists cuts and chips caused by debris on the road or on the trail.

Apart from the tread material, these truck tires also have a tread design that grabs onto rough terrain and helps you keep your grip and control of your vehicle. The deep grooves featured in the pattern of this tire improve traction on wet pavement, dry roads, and snow. The design also rids itself of mud, gravel, and snow when you go off road.


The off-road terrain you'll encounter may be annoying to deal with, but your driving experience won't be. Kumho Road Venture AT KL78 tires provide a quiet and comfortable drive no matter what. These tires feature low road noise and vibration. You'll not only have the confidence of a safe and capable ride on and off road, but you'll also be able to enjoy yourself along the way.

Wide Size Range

Kumho Road Venture AT KL78 tires come in several sizes to accommodate lighter SUVs and heavy-duty pickup trucks alike.