Kumho Solus KU26 Tires

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Kumho® Solus KU26 tires are touring tires meant for family vehicles such as sedans and wagons and for sporty coupes. These all-season tires are designed for performance in various weather conditions, even occasional light snow. The performance of Kumho Solus KU26 tires can provide excellent traction and steering response. Kumho has also built these tires for durability so that they can deliver long-lasting benefits.

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Technology & Benefits of Kumho Solus KU26 Tires<2>

All-Season Traction

Most drivers in the US experience a wide range of weather throughout the year. If you want tires that can grip the road year round, consider Kumho Solus KU26 tires. They're engineered to create traction in several different ways. The tread pattern can move precipitation out of the way. The biting edges can grip the driving surface. And the rubber materials can enhance traction on a microscopic level. So whether the roads are ideal for driving or are negatively affected by bad weather, Kumho Solus KU26 tires are made to help you stay safe.

Excellent Steering Response

Kumho Solus KU26 tires have the ability to maintain their stability even at highway speeds and under the pressure added by maneuvering. That stability allows these tires to respond with great speed and accuracy when you turn your steering wheel. If Kumho Solus KU26 tires are right for your vehicle and you enjoy race-inspired handling, these tires could be exactly what you're after.


You could be driving on the greatest tires in world, but if they don't last long, they're not worth it. With a set of new Kumho Solus KU26 tires on your vehicle, you can get the durability and long life you want. These tires resist uneven treadwear that can require premature replacement. They also resist damage from road hazards such debris and potholes.