Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx Tires

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Maxxis™ MA-W2 Wintermaxx tires are outstanding winter tires designed specifically for commercial vans. They're built to give your vehicle a performance boost in severe winter driving conditions. So if you need to keep your business on schedule when winter strikes, consider Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx tires. They can provide traction in bad conditions, responsive handling, and can outperform all-season tires in cold temperatures.

Head to the RightTurn homepage to find out if Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx tires are right for your commercial van. Answer a few easy questions and we'll match you with tires that meet or beat your vehicle's safety and performance specifications.

Technology & Benefits of Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx Tires

Winter Traction

A high volume of biting edges and sipes on Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx tires helps them grip the road in the rain, snow, slush, and ice that winter throws in your path. The wide groves help push water out of the way so you can get the traction you need. As a result, your vehicle's braking distance can be shortened. You can also get enhanced traction while accelerating and maneuvering.

Responsive Handling

Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx tires can provide stability that helps your vehicle respond to steering with speed and accuracy. The responsive steering that Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx tires can give you is all the more important when the roads are slick due to winter conditions.

Cold Temperature Tires

All-season tires are sufficient for some drivers, but anyone who needs to keep their vehicle moving in extreme winter weather can benefit from winter tires like Maxxis MA-W2 Wintermaxx tires. They're made out of materials that, unlike all-season tires, can stay flexible in temperatures that are consistently at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The high flexibility helps the tires maintain the best possible contact with the driving surface. That can translate to better traction and better handling.