Michelin Agilis Tires

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Michelin Agilis Tires

Michelin® Agilis® tires have the power to boost the performance of your light truck. These all-season tires have been designed for the driver who carries a lot of cargo. Whether you pack your truck full for commercial purposes or for recreational purposes, Michelin Agilis tires help you handle all that extra weight.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Agilis Tires


Each Michelin Agilis tire features a reinforced body, which increases its load rating. A higher load rating means that these tires have been tested and can support heavier vehicles and heavier cargo. The durability of these tires also makes them able to last for a long time. That's important because if you do a lot of hauling, you have places you need to get to, and getting your tires replaced is an unneeded obstacle between you and your destination.

Braking Capability

When your vehicle is full of cargo or you are towing a trailer, braking demands a lot from your tires. Michelin Agilis tires help you stop your vehicle in short distances. The tread pattern of Michelin Agilis tires aids your stopping ability on both dry and wet roads.

Fuel Efficiency

The design and rubber compounds used in Michelin Agilis tires help make your truck more fuel efficient. The relatively low rolling resistance of these tires makes it easier for your vehicle to move. And that's great when your truck already needs extra power to move its heavier frame and added cargo weight. Michelin Agilis tires help you conserve fuel and spend less money at the pump.