Michelin Defender Tires

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Michelin® Defender® tires are great tires for any car, wagon, crossover, or minivan whose performance specifications they meet. Why? Because Michelin Defender tires offer drivers Michelin Total Performance. That means they deliver a combination of outstanding traction, handling, longevity, and fuel efficiency. So if you're looking for superb all-around tires, these all-season passenger tires may be right for you.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Defender Tires


Sipes are small slits in a tire's tread pattern they help provide grip and stability. Michelin Defender tires feature IntelliSipe Technology™, which helps maximize the number of sipes on these tires and the traction they create. Get Michelin Defender tires and you can get excellent traction in dry and in wet driving conditions. They're made to grip the road in every part of your drive, accelerating, cornering, and braking.


Traction is only one aspect of your drive. Handling is just as important if you want to stay safe on the road. Michelin Defender tires help your vehicle respond as quickly as possibly every time you turn the steering wheel. The all-season tread pattern of the Michelin Defender tires can enhance your handling all year round, not only when conditions are ideal.

Long Lasting

Think of all the places you could get to if you drove for 90,000 miles. That's several years' worth of driving. Every Michelin Defender tire comes with a 90,000-mile limited warranty. How did Michelin come up with that number for the warranty? That's how long their Defender tires are expected to last. Fit your vehicle with a set of these tires and you'll be able to enjoy all of their benefits for years to come.

Fuel Saving

Michelin Defender tires help you save money because they're able to last for so long, but that's not the only way. They can also help your vehicle get the most mileage out of every gallon of gas. They're designed with Michelin's Green X Technology, which reduces their rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance makes it easier for your wheels to turn, which requires less energy from your vehicle's engine. Less energy means less fuel and lower fuel costs.