Michelin Energy E3A Tires

Michelin Energy E3A Tires

Michelin® Energy™ E3A tires come standard on several European touring sedans because of the great package of performance features that they offer. Drivers of any kind of sedan who use their vehicle for simple everyday purposes such as commuting to work and making trips across town should consider Michelin Energy E3A tires. They are great summer tires that boost your vehicle's fuel efficiency, improve its braking, and offer excellent handling.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Energy E3A Tires

Fuel Efficiency

The most striking benefit of Michelin Energy E3A tires is their ability to maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle over the life of the tires. These low rolling resistance tires more easily overcome the resistance that your tires face as your vehicle moves. Consequently, your vehicle needs less energy to drive. Less energy means less fuel is used.


It's a common misconception that low rolling resistance tires offer an insufficient amount of traction. That certainly isn't true with Michelin Energy E3A tires, especially not when it comes to braking. These tires provide your vehicle with the dry and wet braking ability that has come to make Michelin legendary.


If you like to take your vehicle on long trips or just keep it in the city limits, these tires from Michelin are a good choice. They give you superior handling that not only makes your ride more enjoyable because you'll be driving like a pro, but also helps make your ride safer. Responsive handling allows you to maneuver in a hurry if you need to avoid an oncoming obstacle.