Michelin Energy LX4 PAX Tires

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Michelin Energy LX4 PAX Tires

Michelin® Energy™ LX4® PAX® tires are part of Michelin's class of all-season passenger tires. For more than a century, Michelin has been developing new technologies to create the best passenger tires possible. You can feel confident that Energy LX4 PAX tires are backed by all of that history and that they benefit your driving. The tire manufacturer's many advances over the years have improved these tires so that they provide fuel efficiency, comfort, and a state of the art run-flat system.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Energy LX4 PAX Tires

Fuel Efficiency

The force that tires overcome to be able to roll a vehicle is known as rolling resistance. Tires like Michelin Energy LX4 PAX tires that have low rolling resistance beat that resistance using less energy than tires with higher rolling resistance. If you fit your vehicle with low rolling resistance tires, the reduced energy that they require translates to less gasoline burned. Over the life of the tires, you'll pollute less and save money at the pump.


Michelin Energy LX4 PAX tires also provide comfort that makes your drive much more enjoyable. Michelin's finely tuned tread pattern on these tires, along with the rubber compounds they are made of, reduce the amount of vibration caused by the tires rolling over the road surface so that your ride is quieter and smoother.

Run Flat System

Michelin's patented PAX system uses an anchoring system that helps prevent the tire from separating from the rim in the event of a flat tire. These tires are also run flat tires. Together the PAX system and the run flat system allow you to drive up to 125 miles at 55 miles per hour after a tire failure.