Michelin Energy Saver Tires

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Michelin Energy Saver Tires

Michelin® Energy Saver® tires are summer touring tires that make your ride noticeably better. Their high quality is evident in the fact that Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Audi all use them as original equipment (OE) on some of their vehicles. That means that these auto manufacturers put Michelin Energy Saver tires on their vehicles when they are brand new. The Michelin Energy Saver tire has developed a reputation as a quality tire because of its excellent fuel efficiency, performance, and comfort.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Energy Saver Tires


If you are shopping for touring tires, that means that you likely drive your car a lot-across town for work or across the country on vacation and everything in between. Because you're driving so many miles, it's a good idea to boost the number of miles per gallon of gasoline that your vehicle gets. That's where Michelin Energy Saver tires come in. They are low rolling resistance tires that offer energy efficiency that ranks among the highest in the market.


Michelin Energy Saver tires are low rolling resistance that don't make you sacrifice that legendary Michelin performance. These tires provide responsive handling and stability that help keep you safe. Add to that a stopping distance 10 feet shorter in wet conditions than previous generations of these tires, and it's apparent why Michelin Energy Saver tires are such great tires.


Michelin designs all of its touring tires to deliver a level of unparalleled comfort. Everything from the rubber compounds used in them to their shapes has been engineered to reduce the amount of vibration you feel and the amount of noise you hear as you drive.