Michelin HydroEdge Tires

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Michelin HydroEdge Tires

Meet the tires that never cut corners. Michelin® HydroEdge® tires give your passenger car an unbeatable combination of fuel efficiency, high mileage, and rainy-weather braking power. Rain or shine, count on Michelin HydroEdge tires to give your car an efficiency makeover.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin HydroEdge Tires

Use Less Gas

Tires affect the amount of gas you need to use to drive your vehicle because their treads resist forward motion. That's the way it's always been. That same resistance also keeps your tires safely on the road, so we don't want to do away with it altogether. But Michelin has found a way to build its HydroEdge tires so they don't resist the road quite as much but still provide great traction. Less resistance to the road means less gas used per mile. A safe tire that costs you less money at the gas station-don't you love science?

Drive More Miles

Where can your car take you in 90,000 miles? When you take care of them properly, that's a question you and your Michelin HydroEdge tires can answer together. The tire manufacturer has put its vote of confidence in these tires by giving them a 90,000-mile limited warranty.

Get a Grip in the Rain

Slipping and sliding was fun when you were a kid, but we'd imagine you don't want your tires doing it while you drive. The material used to make HydroEdge tires and their tread design make for great traction and stopping distance in the rain.