Michelin Latitude Alpin HP Tires

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Michelin Latitude Alpin HP Tires

If you drive your luxury SUV in an area that gets at least moderate snow or that consistently stays below 45 degrees Fahrenheit for any length of time, you should alternate between winter tires and summer tires. Michelin® Latitude® Alpin® HP tires help you deal with these and the rest of the tough conditions that Mother Nature has in store for the wintertime. Michelin Latitude Alpin HP tires use the best of Michelin winter tire technology to provide you with great handling, traction, and fuel efficiency throughout the winter season.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Latitude Alpin HP Tires

Cold Weather Handling

Michelin Latitude Alpin HP tires use 3-D Active Sipes to stabilize the tread blocks. The sipes (small, narrow grooves in the tread blocks) close, locking the tread blocks together when you turn and brake to enhance the responsiveness of your vehicle's steering. Inside the sipes are Michelin patented Biting Edges™, which also increase your traction on wet, slushy, and icy roads.

Winter Traction

The materials used in Michelin Latitude Alpin HP tires, particularly the rubber compounds, help keep these tires soft and highly flexible despite temperatures near or below freezing. Higher flexibility than summer and all-season tires in cold weather creates a larger contact patch on Michelin Latitude Alpin HP tires. The contact patch is the part of the tire that touches the road surface at any given time. A large contact patch means more traction.

Fuel Efficiency

In addition to the excellent winter performance Michelin Latitude Alpin HP tires provide, they also improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Their low rolling resistance boosts the miles per gallon of your SUV and reduces its CO2 emissions.