Michelin Latitude Alpin Tires

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Michelin Latitude Alpin Tires

Michelin® Latitude® Alpin® tires have been designed for the drivers of crossovers and SUVs who keep their vehicles running through the depths of the winter. In addition to the outstanding traction Michelin Latitude Alpin tires give you, you also get tires that last a long time and help make your vehicle more fuel efficient. You might not want to drive through winter weather, but if you have to, Michelin Latitude Alpin tires make the ride safer and more enjoyable.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Latitude Alpin Tires

Winter Performance

Within the tread blocks of Michelin Latitude Alpin tires are bi-directional, self locking sipes. These small grooves lock together for better traction and better braking power on wet, snowy, and icy roads. The new Stabiligrip technology available in Michelin Latitude Alpin tires adds greater stability to these tires, which in turn enhances your vehicle's handling. You'll also see the winter snowflake symbol on Michelin Latitude Alpin tires, which means that the Rubber Manufacturers Association has identified them as able to perform in the toughest winter conditions.


Despite what some consumers believe, having winter tires on your vehicle does not automatically mean that your ride will be loud and bumpy. Michelin Latitude Alpin tires boast materials and a tread pattern that reduce the vibration that cmake your ride uncomfortable.

Fuel Efficiency

Another great benefit of Michelin Latitude Alpin tires is their low rolling resistance compared to other winter tires on the market. A low rolling resistance means that these tires increase the fuel efficiency of your crossover or SUV.