Michelin Latitude Diamaris DT Tires

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Michelin® Latitude® Diamaris® DT tires are summer tires that can help boost the performance of your SUV or crossover. Michelin uses its long history manufacturing tires and some its most advanced technology to provide traction and stability with Michelin Latitude Diamaris DT tires. If you drive in an area that experiences warm weather throughout the year or if you change to winter tires during the cold months, Michelin Latitude Diamaris DT tires could be just right for you.

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Technology & Benefits of Michelin Latitude Diamaris DT Tires

Outstanding Grip

Even though Michelin set out to create a crossover and SUV tire in the Michelin Latitude Diamaris DT, they engineered it using their performance driving know-how. These tires are made of the same rubber compounds found in Michelin's ultra-high performance tires for sports cars. The result is superb traction ability in both dry and wet conditions. In addition, the tread pattern features a design that can quickly push water out from under the tires to help you avoid hydroplaning.

High-Speed Stability

Responsive steering is especially important when you're driving your crossover or SUV at highway speeds. Michelin Latitude Diamaris DT tires employ Michelin's BAZ Technology™ to maintain their high stability at high speeds. High stability directly translates to better steering response by allowing the tire to hold its shape under the pressure of high speeds.

Original Equipment Tires

Original Equipment (OE) tires are tires that get fitted on a vehicle when it's first manufactured. Automakers only choose OE tires for a vehicle that meet or exceed all of its safety and performance specifications. Michelin Latitude Diamaris DT tires are OE on several high-end SUVs and crossovers. Audi, Land Rover, and BMW all use these tires for their brand new vehicles. If these tires came on your vehicle when it was new, it's a smart idea to choose them as replacement tires too.