Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tires

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Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tires

Michelin® Latitude® Diamaris® tires are the original equipment (OE) summer tires for high performance crossovers and SUVs including the Mercedes-Benz ML and the BMW X5. These two luxury and performance automakers have chosen Michelin Latitude Diamaris tires as the tire that they fit on their vehicles at the factory because of the outstanding traction, stability, and comfort that they provide.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tires


If you drive a high performance crossover or SUV, that's exactly what you want to get out of it: high performance. The wrong tire may prevent that. Michelin Latitude Diamaris tires grip the road in wet and dry conditions. You'll be able to take tight turns and get quick braking response when you take advantage of the high-level performance that you expect from your vehicle.


Stable tires result in responsive handling. Latitude Diamaris tires use Michelin BAZ Technology™, which incorporates spiral-wrapped nylon strips and steel in the tire to prevent the shape of the tire from distorting at high speeds. The distortion that you won't experience causes slower steering response.


It's rare that "high performance" doesn't also mean "luxury" when it comes to this class of crossovers and SUVs. Why not maximize that luxury by getting the most possible comfort out of your vehicle? Michelin Latitude Diamaris tires have been designed to insulate you and your passengers from the vibration and noise that come with driving.