Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tires

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Michelin Latitude Tour HP

The Michelin® Latitude® Tour HP™ tires deliver superb handling and excellent comfort when you fit them on your crossover or SUV. With several different sizes, there is a great chance that these top of the line tires fit your crossover or SUV. Just some of the vehicles that these tires fit on are the Volkswagen Touareg, Mercedes-Benz M-Class, and the Acura MDX. These crossovers and SUVs, and any other that are compatible with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires, greatly benefit from all of the technology found in these tires.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tires

Braking Ability

One of the most important features of these high performance tires is their braking ability. When you're behind the wheel of your crossover or SUV, the ability to stop in short distances is crucial, especially when your vehicle is loaded with family, friends, and cargo.


Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires boast better handling in rain and snow than their leading competitors thanks to Michelin's 2-D Active Sipes. 2-D Active Sipes lock the tread blocks together while you corner, which strengthens the tire to give your vehicle responsive handling.


When you fit your crossover or SUV with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires, rest assured that you have a stable ride due to the polyester and aramid/nylon fabric woven into the tires. Highly stable tires make sure that you maintain grip and handling at highway speeds.


Many sizes of Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires are rated with the Green X stamp. Green X means that these tires offer excellent fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.