Michelin LTX A/S Tires

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Michelin LTX A/S Tires

Chrysler, Ford and Toyota all trust Michelin® LTX® A/S tires enough to make them original equipment (OE) on some of their most popular trucks. Do you drive a truck like the Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra? You may already find Michelin LTX A/S tires on your vehicle. We're glad you've already gotten to enjoy the fuel efficiency and tread life these tires provide. Whether you are ready for another set of Michelin LTX A/S tires or this is your first time driving on them, we are confident you'll be happy with your choice.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin LTX A/S Tires

Long Tread Life

The tire manufacturer warranties the LTX A/S for up to 60,000 miles under the proper conditions. A tire's treads last for the most miles when the forces it bears are spread out evenly across its surface. Michelin built these light truck tires to put the most tread in contact with the road at all times. This large area of contact with the road spreads out force across the tread, putting an equal amount of pressure on all parts of the tire that touch the road.

Fuel Efficiency

Low rolling resistance tires like Michelin LTX A/S tires help you get the most miles out of every gallon of gas you put in your truck. Whether you are worried about gasoline's impact on the environment or on your wallet, you can benefit from a set of low rolling resistance tires.

Heavy Load Carrying

If your truck's load capacity is 13,500 pounds or less, you can count of Michelin LTX A/S tires to support it.