Michelin LTX Winter Tires

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Michelin LTX Winter Tires

Michelin® LTX® Winter tires help commercial trucks get through the winter elements easily. These commercial tires are true winter tires: the Rubber Manufacturers Association rates them for driving in severe winter weather. You'll notice the mountain and snowflake symbol printed on the side of these tires that indicates that you can use them in deep snow, icy conditions, and extreme cold. When your job is to haul cargo, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in winter weather that keeps you from getting to your destination. Durable Michelin LTX Winter tires are a perfect fit for commercial trucks that can't wait for the spring thaw to get where they need to go.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin LTX Winter Tires

Safe Winter Driving

Control your vehicle through snow and ice with the Michelin LTX Winter. These tires have a tread pattern that holds onto the road even when it's covered in a thick layer of snow. The materials used in the tires also help them hold onto ice-covered roads when you hit the brakes or speed up. Even if the only conditions you face are cold temperatures, the special materials in these tires improve their flexibility and performance through the frigid cold.

Damage-Free Load Carrying

A heavy commercial vehicle like yours needs tires that bear all of its weight. Michelin LTX Winter tires have three steel belts inside them to support your heavy cargo loads. This construction also helps keep the tires from puncturing. This tough construction keeps you and your cargo safe in dangerous winter weather.