Michelin Pilot Primacy MO Tires

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Michelin Pilot Primacy MO Tires

When an automotive manufacturer works side by side with a tire manufacturer, you know the result will be the best possible tires for that vehicle. That's exactly what you can expect with Michelin® Pilot® Primacy™ MO tires. These tires have the MO seal, which means they are Mercedes-Benz Original Equipment on certain luxury touring models. These tires help you enjoy every drive you take in your Mercedes-Benz.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Pilot Primacy MO Tires

The Right Tire for your Mercedes-Benz

Some Mercedes-Benz luxury touring cars come with these tires when they are put together at the factory. The MO stamp, which stands for Mercedes-Benz Original Equipment, means these tires suit all the strict performance and safety specifications for that car model. Why choose anything other than the tires that are meant for your car?


Luxury and comfort should be a package deal. From the plush interiors to the attractive design, driving in your car is an experience. You shouldn't have to let anything get in the way of tuning into your Mercedes-Benz's luxurious features. Original equipment Michelin Pilot Primacy MO tires keep road noise and vibration at bay so you can drive in peace.


It would be a shame to waste all the engineering that went into your Mercedes-Benz. Transfer all of your car's performance ability to the road with these Michelin touring tires. You'll get handling and maneuverability that bring out the best in your Mercedes-Benz.