Michelin Premier LTX Tires

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Michelin® Premier LTX® tires are excellent all-season tires engineered for SUVs and crossovers. They can help your vehicle maintain traction on roads affected by bad weather and come to a full stop in shorter distances. In other words, they can help you stay safe when driving conditions are challenging.

It's incredibly important to get tires that meet or beat all of your vehicle's performance and safety specifications. But how can you be confident that the tires you choose will do that? By shopping on RightTurn.com, that's how. We will only match you with tires that meet or exceed your vehicle's standards.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Premier LTX Tires

The EverGrip™ Compound

Michelin Premier LTX tires feature the EverGrip Compound. This specialized rubber compound can help hold the road tight when it's dry, when it's wet, and even when it's covered in light snow.

Hydroplaning Resistance

The tread pattern of Michelin Premier LTX tires is designed to help you avoid hydroplaning. As the tread naturally wears down on these tires through normal driving, the rain grooves in their tread pattern actually expand. This gives them the power to continue pushing water out from under themselves over the lives of the tires.

Shorter Braking Distance

It doesn't matter what the roads are like. Wet, dry, or snowy, when you hit your brakes, coming to a stop quickly and in a short distance is hugely important. Michelin Premier LTX tires can do just that. After all, short braking distances are part of what makes Michelin one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world.