Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 Tires

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Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 Tires

Michelin® Primacy™ Alpin® PA3™ Tires protect luxury and other midsize sedans from winter weather. Automakers engineer sedans like yours for driving comfort. These Michelin winter tires help you get the same comfortable and smooth drive through severe winter weather. Not only can you count on a comfortable ride, you can also count on better odds against a winter-weather related crash.*

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 Tires

Save Money on Gas

Vehicles with low rolling resistance tires use less fuel in the long run because they don't need as much energy. In order to keep drivers in safe control of their vehicles, every tire is designed to resist some of the forward motion of the vehicle. But Michelin engineers have safely reduced the rolling resistance of Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 tires to save you more money on gas than you would have with its predecessor.

Speed up in the Snow

Spinning out in the snow can be a big, dangerous wintertime hassle. These Michelin winter tires offer good acceleration and handling in the snow to keep you from getting stuck or losing control.

Stop Shorter on Winter Roads

If you need to hit the brakes in a hurry, winter weather like snow and ice can pose a big problem. The materials used in Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 tires keep them flexible at low temperatures, which means your tires keep their traction in extreme cold, ice, rain and snow.

*"Mise en œuvre de la mesure rendant obligatoire l'utilisation de pneus d'hiver pour certains véhicules (Implementing the law requiring the use of winter tires on certain vehicles) " - Transports Québec, April 2011