Michelin Primacy HP ZP Tires

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Michelin Primacy HP ZP Tires

Michelin® Primacy® HP ZP tires give excellent dry and wet handling to luxury touring vehicles. These summer tires from Michelin are BMW's top pick for some of their vehicles. The BMW star marking on the sidewall indicates that BMW puts Michelin Primacy HP ZP tires on certain cars when they're built. These tires are also available for other luxury touring vehicles.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Primacy HP ZP Tires

Flat Tire Safety

Michelin Primacy HP ZP tires continue to function after a puncture or other damage. Michelin uses its Zero Pressure technology in Primacy HP ZP tires to make sure you can drive up to 50 miles at 55 mph even with no air pressure left in the tire. These tires can stay on the road after a puncture that would leave others flat and buckling under the vehicle's weight. Having run-flat tires gives drivers the peace of mind that they can avoid a dangerous accident caused by tire failure.

BMW Original Equipment

If a Michelin Primacy HP ZP tire bears a star mark on its sidewall, it is approved by BMW to support all the performance capabilities of certain vehicles in the 5 series. Do you drive a newer BMW 535i or 550i? You may have noticed that Michelin Primacy HP ZP tires came on your car when you bought it new. Replacing your tires with a set that meets the original equipment requirements ensures that you will get the most out of the performance and safety features BMW designed your car to deliver.