Michelin Primacy HP Tires

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Michelin Primacy HP Tires

Michelin® Primacy™ HP Tires provide the performance and safety many vehicle makers require for their models. These tires pass several auto manufacturers' strict and extensive tests. Michelin Primacy HP tires come as stock equipment on luxury touring vehicles such as the Lexus GS 430, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Audi A6. Because manufacturers like these put Michelin Primacy HP tires on their vehicles when they put them together on the assembly line, these tires are called original equipment, or OE. Replacing your tires with a set of tires that meet OE requirements means you are using tires that are meant for your car.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Primacy HP Tires

Original Equipment Performance

If Michelin Primacy HP tires are original equipment on your car, then that means the manufacturer put the tires through the works to make sure they work for you. Automakers test all the performance and safety characteristics of tires to make sure they support the car and help it perform. Michelin Primacy HP tires made the grade, earning the OE seal of approval. They help luxury touring cars like yours reach their ideal driving capability every day.

Luxury Handling

Michelin designed the Primacy HP as a summer tire that helps your vehicle handle smoothly and precisely. These tires transfer all of your car's performance to the road through rainy conditions and on dry roads. However, since they're summer tires, they are only suitable for temperate conditions.