Michelin Symmetry Tires

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Michelin Symmetry Tires

Michelin® Symmetry® tires are dependable and long-lasting passenger tires. They have been tested against the performance and safety standards of automakers like Ford and Honda. Those two vehicle manufacturers chose Michelin Symmetry tires as original equipment on some of their vehicles. Car manufacturers choose original equipment tires with performance attributes that best suit their expertly engineered vehicles. Choosing replacement tires with the same specifications as the ones that came on your vehicle is a great way to make sure it performs like it was meant to. Michelin Symmetry tires come with a 65,000-mile manufacturer's limited warranty. When you take care of them properly you can expect a long life out of Symmetry tires.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin Symmetry Tires

No Distracting Noise

These passenger tires control the noise and vibration that can occur as you drive. Noise and vibration can result from the way the tread pattern is arranged. Michelin engineers cut down on this uncomfortable driving condition by using Comfort Control Technology™ to design the tire treads. This technology results in a quiet, comfortable ride.

Control in Rain and Snow

The tread design not only keeps you comfortable behind the wheel of your passenger car, it also keeps you safe. Michelin Symmetry tires have a tread pattern that handles dry weather, rain, slush and light snow.

White Sidewall for Classic Cars

If you want to enhance the traditional look of your car, you may want to choose a set of Michelin Symmetry tires with a white sidewall design. This white sidewall is reminiscent of the traditional whitewall look of classic town cars.