Michelin XDS 2 Tires

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Michelin XDS 2 Tires

Michelin® XDS® 2 tires are drive-axle radial truck tires. They fit commercial trucks like the 2009 and 2010 class 5 Ford F-550 Super Duty. These durable tires are perfect for winter weather. They are also likely to last a long time before they need to be replaced. If you depend on your truck for work, then you need tires you can trust. Michelin XDS 2 tires are up for the job.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin XDS 2 Tires


Michelin XDS 2 tires keep their traction in many tricky driving conditions. They are ready to stand up to rain, snow, mud, and stones. The tread design contains several features that come together to help the tires keep solid contact with the road in nearly any weather. This leads you to more control behind the wheel of your truck.

Damage Resistance

These rugged truck tires protect themselves from damage. They avoid sidewall damage with a curb guard design. You can't miss every obstacle, so you can rest assured that a couple sidewall impacts won't keep your working vehicle out of commission for long.

Long Life

The durability of the sidewall and casing of Michelin XDS 2 tires keeps them safely on the road longer. Their case contains three steel belts that keep the tires strong for many regional hauls to come. The stability of the center of these tires also helps extend their safe life. That's because a stable design reduces fatigue that can wear out the tires more quickly.