Michelin XZE Tires

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Michelin XZE Tires

Michelin XZE® tires are regional and RV truck tires that fit the 2009 and 2010 Ford F-550 Super Duty. These tires are all-position radials. They endure the tough conditions that work trucks face every day. These tires support all the heavy cargo that trucks like yours can load up. Don't drive on tires that stop you in your tracks when the road gets too rough. Get Michelin XZE tires for your commercial vehicle.

Technology & Benefits of Michelin XZE Tires


The plies and curb guards in Michelin XZE tires resist punctures and bruises caused by road hazards, curbs, and stones. This durability keeps your tires in service longer. The outside edges of the treads of these tires help them last longer through high-scrub driving situations. These tires resist chips and cuts. All these durability features make Michelin XZE tires the longest-lasting regional tire that the manufacturer makes.

The strong center and durable shoulders of these tires keep them stable. That stability sticks around under the total weight of your vehicle and all its cargo. When tires stay stable, their safe driving life lengthens because there is less stress put on important parts of the tires.


Michelin XZE tires have grooves and small slits called sipes throughout the tread design. These features help the tires keep consistent traction even as they wear down. No matter what wheel position you put Michelin XZE tires on, you can count on good traction until the tires need replacement.