Nexen CP641 Tires

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Nexen CP641 Tires Nexen® CP641 tires are all-season tires the deliver reliable performance for passenger vehicles. So if you want high performance tires for your sedan, wagon, minivan, crossover, or any other kind of passenger car, these tires are a smart option. They have the power to grip the road in bad weather. They're built to last for a long time. Even at high speeds, these tires remain highly stable. In addition, they can add another dimension of comfort to your drive.

Technology & Benefits of Nexen CP641 Tires

All-Season Grip

Nexen CP641 tires have a tread pattern which features 4 rain grooves that extend around their circumference. The grooves efficiently move water out from under the tires as they roll. This allows their specially designed tread blocks to grip the road. It's also why these tires can help you avoid hydroplaning. They have what it takes to grip the road in light snow as well.

Long-Lasting Performance

Not only can Nexen CP641 tires keep you rolling throughout the year, but they'll also keep you rolling for many years ahead. They use a durable rubber material that resists both damage and normal wear and tear.


Between their rain grooves, Nexen CP641 tires have center ribs that make them highly stable. High stability can help you maintain control as you take turns, brake, and accelerate.

Comfortable Driving

It's natural for tires to produce noise and vibration as they roll over the road surface. However, Nexen CP641 tires reduce what you can hear and feel inside your vehicle. So sit back and relax on your quiet, smooth drive. You're riding on Nexen tires.