Nexen CP662 Tires

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Nexen CP662 tires are all-season tires that were designed for midsize vehicles like sedans. These tires have all the performance and comfort you need for everyday driving. You can rely on them in dry weather, in the rain, and when there's light snow on the ground. These tires were also made to provide your drive with low noise, stability, and comfort.

Technology & Benefits of Nexen CP662 Tires

Drive All Year

These tires were made with a thick, durable tread compound that makes them suitable for driving in most weather conditions. They also have deep grooves positioned in different parts of the tires that act like pipes that shoot water out from underneath the tires. This safety feature keeps your tires in contact with the road instead of slipping on water and slush.

Low Noise

The tire tread pattern in Nexen CP662 tires have lateral and angle round grooves. These strategically placed grooves reduce the noise and vibration that tire tread patterns can create at higher speeds. Eliminating these uncomfortable characteristics makes it easier for you to relax behind the wheel and tune into what's important: driving your car safely.


These Nexen passenger tires have a block of straight ribs in their centers. These ribs help your vehicle stay stable at highway speeds. Instead of wobbling or losing control, you'll enjoy an easy drive no matter where you're going. That combined with the lateral grooves provides great traction and braking performance.