Nexen EURO-WIN Tires

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Nexen® EURO-WIN tires use top-of-the-line technology to help your vehicle grip the roads in bad winter weather. These tires can keep you moving when there's snow, ice, and slush on the pavement. In addition, the rubber compounds used in them helm them maintain their much needed flexibility in consistently freezing temperatures.

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Technology & Benefits of Nexen EURO-WIN Tires

Advanced Tread Compound

Nexen EURO-WIN tires feature a new silica-based tread compound. This advanced tread compound helps provide excellent stability at high speeds, especially when roads have been affected by snow and ice. That stability results in better traction and handling capabilities. When your tires are stable in bad conditions, you can feel the difference and feel safer.

Multi Sipe Tread Pattern

Nexen EURO-WIN tires use a multi sipe tread pattern to create excellent traction. Sipes are narrow slits in a tire's tread blocks. They help enhance gripping ability by actually using the snow and ice to prevent slipping and sliding. The tread design of Nexen EURO-WIN tires features sipes on every single tread block for extra traction capability. Sipes also add to the stability of the tire by allowing the tread blocks to flex and move so that they can form to the shape of the driving surface. That in turn aids steering response.

Comfort Technology

Nexen EURO-WIN tires are also designed for comfort. They've been engineered to provide an extremely quiet ride. Anyone who's driven in snow and ice knows how loud the ride can be. All that noise can be distracting. A set of Nexen EURO-WIN tires on your vehicle can help you relax and focus on getting from A to B safely.