Nexen N'Priz RH7 Tires

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Nexen® N'Priz RH7 tires are superb high performance SUV tires. So if you want to boost the performance of your SUV, consider these excellent tires. They're designed for race-inspired handling and all-season traction.

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Technology & Benefits of Nexen N'Priz RH7 Tires

High Performance Handling

Nexen N'Priz RH7 tires feature a tread pattern and rubber materials that help them enhance your SUV's handling. Both attributes give these tires high stability under the weight of your vehicle and its cargo and at high speeds. That stability allows the tires to maintain their shape, which in turn allows the tires to respond to your steering as intended. Simply put, Nexen N'Priz RH7 tires help your vehicle maneuver where and when you expect it to.

All-Season Traction

One of the great things about driving an SUV is the versatility. From simple commuting to hauling cargo, SUVs are designed to meet your many needs. However, if your tires can't keep a grip on the road, your SUV can't perform. Nexen N'Priz RH7 tires help your SUV grip the pavement in a variety of different conditions from extreme heat to wet roads. Thanks to 4 wide channel grooves, these tires are especially at helping you avoid hydroplaning.

Original Equipment Tires

Nexen N'Priz RH7 tires are original equipment (OE) tires on the Mitsubishi Outlander. That means that Mitsubishi selected Nexen N'Priz RH7 tires for their brand new Outlander models. If you drive a Mitsubishi Outlander, you may already own a set of Nexen N'Priz RH7 tires. In that case, it's a smart choice to replace them with new Nexen N'Priz RH7 tires.