Nexen N7000 Tires

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Nexen N7000 tires were designed for sedans, and these tires are suitable for driving in any season. They're made of a material that stands up to both warm and cold air. The tread design also gets rain and light snow out of the way, so you can keep control of your vehicle. If you commute or drive your family around in your sedan, then all-season passenger tires like these are a great fit.

Technology & Benefits of Nexen N7000 Tires


The rigid shoulder block design that Nexen engineers included in N7000 tires enhances cornering and Handling. These 2 performance attributes are important for any driver. They help you rely on your tires to grip the road through turns and while accelerating.

All-Season Safety

Nexen N7000 tires were crafted with a silica compound in their treads that helps them grab onto wet and snowy roads. They also have small slits called kerfs, or sipes that pack in snow and increase traction on winter roads.

Always check your vehicle owner's manual or the sticker on the edge of your driver's side door to make sure the tires you're considering buying match your automaker's specifications. Every time a vehicle engineer designs a model, he or she decides what performance and safety attributes the vehicle will provide. As the vehicle is designed, the desired tires are designed and then those requirements are given to tire manufacturers. Make sure to match the specs of the original tires each time you need to replace them.