Nexen Roadian AT PRO RA8 Tires

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Nexen® Roadian AT PRO RA8 tires are all-terrain light truck and SUV tires. If you take your pickup or SUV from the streets to off road terrain, then you need tires that are designed for both. Nexen Roadian AT PRO RA8 tires can provide traction in extreme terrains. They're also made for high stability to help improve steering and maneuverability.

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Technology & Benefits of Nexen Roadian AT PRO RA8 Tires

All-Terrain Traction

The flexibility of trucks and SUVs is great. They can handle city streets, freeways, and rugged off-road terrain. Of course you need tires like Nexen Roadian AT PRO RA8 tires for the off-road part. They feature micro-grooves, an open shoulder design, and a staggered center rib. These features help your vehicle grip the road and the many different kinds of driving surfaces you'll face when off-roading.

High Stability

When driving on the road or off it, highly stable tires can help your vehicle respond quickly to steering. Nexen Roadian AT PRO RA8 tires are able to maintain their shape under heavy loads and on uneven terrain so that you get the maneuvers you expect when you turn your steering wheel. Their high stability also helps them stand up to the grueling punishment they can face when rolling over jagged rocks or other hazardous surfaces.

M+S Rating

Nexen Roadian AT PRO RA8 tires have an M+S (mud and snow) rating. This rating comes from the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), an independent trade organization that helps regulate tires. This very positive rating is only given to tires that are engineered to perform in extreme mud and snow.