Nexen SB702 A/S Tires

Nexen SB702 A/S tires were designed for fuel economy and touring performance. These tires fit on midsize vehicles like sedans and coupes. The touring ride attributes engineered into these tires combine the reliability of passenger tires with the comfort of high performance tires. If you find yourself driving in the city or the highway, these tires deliver a dependable ride for you.

Technology & Benefits of Nexen SB702 A/S Tires

Fuel Economy

We're all on a budget these days. Filling up the gas tank can really drive up the debit side of a bank account. Luckily, tires like Nexen SB702 A/S tires help improve fuel economy. By choosing fuel-smart tires and inflating them regularly, you can meet your budget goals each month.


Touring tires were designed to provide the dependability of passenger tires and the comfort of high performance tires. Nexen SB702 A/S tires provide a good compromise of economy and comfort.

All-Season Driving

These Nexen touring tires were designed for driving on almost any day of the year. You can take your sedan or coupe out on the roads when they're dry, wet, or slightly snowy.

Check your driver's side door jamb for a sticker that displays the correct tire size and specifications for your vehicle. It's important to choose tires that match your automaker's specifications. That's the only way you know that your tires work correctly for the performance and safety requirements of your vehicle. If you can't find the tire size specification on your door jamb, check your vehicle owner's manual.