Nexen WIN-SUV Tires

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Nexen® WIN-SUV tires can bring reliable winter performance to your SUV. If you drive in bad winter conditions at all, these tires can help your vehicle reach its highest potential. They can provide handling that makes steering on snow and ice easier. They're able to create traction to prevent sliding. Nexen WIN-SUV tires also add to the comfort level of your vehicle.

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Technology & Benefits of Nexen WIN-SUV Tires


Driving when there's snow and ice on the roads can be scary. You can't be sure when or where you might hit a bad spot that could cause a loss of control. Fit your SUV with Nexen WIN-SUV tires, and you can worry less. The tread pattern of these tires and the materials used in them help your vehicle handle with accuracy and with speed so that you can steer exactly where you intend. That aids safety and peace of mind, both of which make driving a lot better.


Winter tires like Nexen WIN-SUV tires go a step further than all-season tires in their ability to provide traction in winter conditions. Even if snow, slush, and ice are rare where you live, winter tires can help. They're made of rubber materials that can stay more flexible than all-season tires in temperatures consistently at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. When your Nexen WIN-SUV tires stay flexible, the contact patch (the area of the tire that touches the road) is optimized. That helps increase traction.


Driving on snow and ice can mean driving on edge. When you're nervous, scared, or worried behind the wheel, you can easily overreact. In bad driving conditions, that's dangerous. Nexen WIN-SUV tires help reduce the vibration you feel and the noise you hear as your tires roll over the driving surface. That way you can be more comfortable, more able to relax, and better able focus on getting to your destination safely.