Nexen WinGuard Snow'G Tires

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Nexen® WinGuard Snow'G tires are performance winter tires that help you get the most out of your vehicle in bad weather. They're designed for traction in rain, snow, and ice. They boast the mountain snowflake symbol. You can also expect comfortable ride qualities from these tires. As winter tires, Nexen WinGuard Snow'G tires are made especially for performance in consistently freezing temperatures. That's a lot of benefits from just one set of tires.

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Technology & Benefits of Nexen WinGuard Snow'G Tires

Good Traction in Bad Conditions

Take a look at the tread pattern of Nexen WinGuard Snow'G tires. You can see several features that help create traction in severe winter weather. There are 2 types of rain grooves. The wide, circumferential grooves that run around the whole tire and the smaller, lateral rain grooves. These work together to sweep water out of the way of the gripping edges. That helps you avoid hydroplaning. In the tread pattern, you'll see many zig-zag sipes as well. These narrow slits in the tread blocks help the tire create traction in snow and ice.

Mountain Snowflake Symbol

How good are Nexen WinGuard Snow'G tires in winter weather? Good enough to receive the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) winter snowflake symbol. The RMA, an independent group that helps regulate tires in the US, only gives this symbol to tires that are engineered for use in severe winter driving conditions.


Comfort may not be as important as safety, but it's still worth consideration. Nexen WinGuard Snow'G tires feature a pitch variation that allows them to reduce the noise of the road. These tires help soften the blow of the bumps, cracks, potholes and many other hazards on the road. That means you can relax, something important when the roads are affected by bad weather.