Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV Tires

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Nexen® WinGuard winSpike SUV tires can help your SUV keep its grip during the wintertime. These winter tires are a smart decision for SUV drivers who have to keep moving in extreme winter conditions. They have superb traction capabilities. They can help you get responsive steering from your SUV. Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV tires are also ready for studs if you need them.

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Technology & Benefits of Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV Tires


Winter tires such as Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV tires have a traction advantage over all-season tires in winter conditions. Even if snow and ice are uncommon in your climate, these tires can help. They consist of rubber materials that are able to remain flexible in temperatures near or below freezing. When your Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV tires stay flexible, their contact with the road is optimized. That benefits traction. In addition, they feature a tread pattern that can cut through snow and ice to get a grip.


When you fit your SUV with Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV tires, you can get a boost in handling. Their tread pattern and the materials used in them help enhance your SUV's steering response. That can result in greater accuracy and faster response time. With more accurate and faster response, you can stay in better control while behind the wheel.

Studded Tires

Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV tires are pinned for studs, which means they're ready to have tire studs inserted into them. Tire studs add an extra dimension of traction in extreme winter driving conditions. However, before you drive on studded tires, check the laws in your city, county, and state. Some locales require studded tires, others forbid them. With or without studs, Nexen WinGuard winSpike SUV tires are excellent winter tires.