Nexen winSpike SUV Tires

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Nexen® winSpike SUV tires are a great way to make winter driving easier. They can help enhance traction in the many conditions that Old Man Winter throws at you. They're designed to make your SUV handle better. So if you face extreme winter conditions at all, these tires might be just right for you and your SUV. They can boost your vehicle's performance to a level that all-season tires simply can't.

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Technology & Benefits of Nexen winSpike SUV Tires


The specialized V-shaped tread pattern on Nexen winSpike SUV tires helps cut through snow, ice, slush, and dirt to grip the road. These tires also feature a large number of sipes, which can add stability and extra gripping power in winter weather. For extreme winter weather, Nexen winSpike SUV tires are available with studs that add extra traction.


The sipes featured in the tread pattern of Nexen winSpike SUV tires not only help improve traction, but also handling. Add to that the rigid tread blocks on these tires, and you get a tire that can handle with confidence in bad conditions. When your vehicle responds accurately to your steering you can be better able to deal with slick conditions, maneuver in traffic, and avoid the many hazards that winter roads present.

Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

If you currently have all-season tires on your SUV, you might think you have tires that can handle everything that Mother Nature has in store. That's true to an extent. But if you have to drive in anything more than occasional light snow, then you'd seriously benefit from fitting your SUV with winter tires. Winter tires are specifically engineered to grip in winter precipitation. They can also perform better in temperatures consistently at or below 45 degrees Farhenheit.