Nokian WRG3 Tires

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Nokian® WRG3 tires are outstanding touring tires designed for year round performance. The highly advanced technology used in these all-season tires helps them delivery traction in poor weather. They have the power to enhance your vehicle's steering response. They're great for drivers who appreciate comfort too. makes it easy to find out if Nokian WRG3 tires are right for you and for your vehicle. We'll only recommend them if they meet or beat all of your vehicle's safety and performance standards.

Technology & Benefits of Nokian WRG3 Tires

All-Season Traction

Nokian WRG3 tires are packed with features that can help you keep a grip in the many weather changes you experience throughout the year. The tread pattern incorporates wide grooves made to push water out from under the tires. Nokian WRG3 tires are made out of a rubber compound that include a special Cryogenic Canola Compound. This compound helps create a grip in winter weather on a microscopic level. So if you have to drive in occasional snow or ice, these tires might be just right for you. These tires even have the Mountain Snowflake symbol, which is only awarded to tires with severe winter weather capabilities.

Responsive Handling

Nokian WRG3 tires are constructed for high stability, which can result in more responsive handling. The shape of the tires along with the materials used in them makes better able to withstand the pressure of high speeds and the weight of your vehicle. The result is that Nokian WRG3 tires can maintain their intended shape and respond to steering as intended. With that kind of handling, you can be in ultimate control.

Comfortable Driving

Touring tires like Nokian WRG3 tires are engineered for less noise and more comfort. The tread pattern reduces the amount of vibration created as the tires roll. Less vibration means less noise. A quiet ride has the added benefit can also help you stay more alert while behind the steering wheel.