Pirelli EuFori@ Tires

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Pirelli® EuFori@ tires are a whole new spin on run-flat tires. These touring tires combine the world-famous performance of Pirelli, the safety characteristics of passenger tires, and run-flat technology. As summer tires, they can handle the extreme heat of the pavement and the heavy rain that you're bound to come across. That's a whole lot to love in just one tire.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli EuFori@ Tires


When we say that Pirelli EuFori@ tires will give you world-famous performance, we're not exaggerating. Not only will they tightly hold the road when you need it most, but they'll also give you amazing steering response. These tires' shoulders, the area where the tread and sidewall meet, were specially designed to stand up to the pressure of cornering. The result is total control of your vehicle through every inch of every turn.


The safety and excitement that come along with Pirelli EuFori@ tires aren't the only characteristics that'll make your ride more enjoyable. You'll be comfortable too. They're designed to reduce the noise that you can hear as they roll. You'll better be able to enjoy your ride and stay alert to everything on the road.

Run-Flat Tires

Pirelli EuFori@ tires feature self-supporting technology. Self-supporting technology consists of an extremely sturdy tire structure that can hold up under the weight of your vehicle - even after a complete loss of air pressure inside the tire. If you have these tires on your vehicle, and you get a flat, you'll be able to drive at speeds as high as 50 miles per hour for up to 50 miles. That should give you the range to find a safe location to service the flat.