Pirelli P Zero Corsa System Tires

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Pirelli® P Zero™ Corsa System™ tires are a revolutionary take on ultra high performance tires available to consumers. They rely on Pirelli's success in the F1 racing industry as a foundation for their designs. The Corsa System consists of the Corsa Direzionale (directional) tires on a vehicle's front axle and Corsa Asimmetrico (asymmetric) tires on the rear. The result is outstanding performance on the track and on the street.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli P Zero Corsa System Tires


Pirelli P Zero Corsa System tires combine the advantages of directional and asymmetrical tires so that you get the absolute best, ultra high performance traction in all summer conditions. The Direzionale tires feature wide, longitudinal grooves to quickly evacuate water from under themselves. Rain won't prevent you from getting incredible traction while accelerating, straight line driving, cornering, and braking. Both the Direzionale and the Asimmetrico are made of advanced rubber materials specially engineered for performance driving.


The major benefit of Pirelli Corsa Asimmetrico tires in the Corsa System is the professional-quality handling that they'll give you. The wide and stable contact patch, the area of the tires that actually touches the road, has improved rigidity. That rigidity helps you get handling that's both fast and accurate. You'll be in total control whether you're running errands or running for the checkered flag.

Audi Original Equipment Tires

The Audi R8 GT is an incredible driving machine. That's why Audi fits new R8 GT models with the incredible Pirelli P Zero Corsa System R02 Tires. The "R02" in the name of these tires is a special designation indicating that they're Audi-approved.