Pirelli P Zero Direzionale Tires

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Pirelli® P Zero™ Direzionale tires are part of the Pirelli P Zero System. Together with Pirelli P Zero Asimmetrico, P Zero Direzionale tires boost the performance of your vehicle so that every drive can be a thrilling experience. In addition, these ultra high performance tires improve your vehicle's safety. The P Zero System is designed for coupes, sedans, and sports cars of all kinds.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli P Zero Direzionale Tires

The Pirelli P Zero System

The race-inspired P Zero System consists of two different kinds of tires on the same vehicle. In this system, the front two tires are Pirelli P Zero Direzionale tires, and the rear are Pirelli P Zero Asimmetrico tires. You benefit by getting the best of these directional tires and the best of asymmetrical tires. That means outstanding traction in summertime conditions and sporty handling during every mile of your drive.

Ultra High Performance

Pirelli P Zero Direzionale tires are a part of the P Zero System because of the outstanding traction that they provide. The tread pattern is specially designed to push water out of the way so that the tread blocks can grip the road. The P Zero Direzionale will also help you avoid hydroplaning.

Jaguar Original Equipment Tires

Select Jaguar XK8 and XKR models come brand new with Pirelli P Zero Direzionale tires. If you own either of these beautiful vehicles, putting new P Zero Direzionale on the rear wheels when it's time to buy new tires will help restore your car to its original performance.