Pirelli P3000 Tires

Pirelli® P3000™ tires are tires made for the green revolution. Designed for small- to medium-sized cars, these tires add an eco-friendly design to the legendary performance that Pirelli is known for. You'll still get traction, handling, and a high speed rating when you fit your vehicle with Pirelli P3000 tires. You'll also get Pirelli's cutting-edge green tire technology that sets these tires apart from competitors.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli P3000 Tires


Pirelli P3000 tires aren't just your typical low rolling resistance tires. Everything from the compounds used to build these tires, their structure, and their tread pattern will maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. By altering all of these components, Pirelli has revolutionized how tire manufacturers design green tires. The result for you is tires that will make your vehicle run more efficiently and save you money at the gas pump.


Pirelli is most famous for its low profile, ultra high performance tires. They used the knowledge that made them famous to engineer tires that would finally bridge the gap between the environmental benefits of green tires and the performance benefits of regular passenger tires. This effort led to the P3000, a tire with excellent traction, responsive handling, and a T speed rating.

MINI Original Equipment Tires

Pirelli P3000 tires are original equipment on several vehicles around the world, including the MINI Cooper Hardtop and MINI Cooper Convertible. That means that these tires are the first that select MINI models will ever drive on.