Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus Tires

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Pirelli® P6™ Four Seasons Plus tires are members of the Pirelli's touring tires family. Touring tires like the P6 Four Seasons Plus blend the characteristics of performance tires and passenger tires. You'll get performance-tuned traction and handling with passenger-oriented safety and extended tread life when you fit your vehicle with a set of these tires.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus Tires

All-Season Traction

If you love to drive, Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus tires won't let Mother Nature spoil your fun. Even if you don't love to drive, rest assured that the tread pattern of these tires will help you avoid hydroplaning, shorten your braking distances, and hug tightly to the road as you turn in all kinds of weather.

Responsive Steering

The stable rib that runs around the center of the tread pattern gives these tires the power to respond to every turn of the steering wheel with lightning-fast speed and pinpoint accuracy. Because Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus tires were designed for all-season use, the amazing steering response won't quit when the weather is less than perfect.

Long Tread Life

Keeping the same tires on your vehicle all year long means that they'll experience a lot of wear and tear. That's why it's smart to have a set of tires that can stand up to all that stress. Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus tires were made with an advanced rubber compound that increases resistance to treadwear. When you purchase a new set of Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus tires, you won't need to worry about new tires for years to come.