Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Tires

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Pirelli® P6™ Four Seasons tires are part of the touring tire line by Pirelli. P6 Four Seasons tires and all of Pirelli's touring tires mix the qualities of passenger tires and performance tires. So when you put these tires on your vehicle you get passenger safety and race-inspired performance. Pirelli P6 Four Seasons tires give you the best of both worlds.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Tires


The "Four Seasons" in the name of Pirelli P6 Four Seasons tires let's you know that they'll keep you safe on the roads throughout the entire year. They can handle extreme heat in the summer, moderate cold in the winter, and everything in between. Their tread pattern was designed to quickly expel moisture from under the tires allowing them to grip the road. They also feature specially designed 90• tread sections for increased traction in snow.

Steering Response

The continuous rib extending around the center of Pirelli P6 Four Seasons tires enhances their stability. The shape of the shoulders (the parts of the tire where the tread pattern and sidewalls meet) adds even more stability. When tires are stable enough to maintain their shape, the steering response of your vehicle is faster and more precise.

BMW Original Equipment Tires

Select Pirelli P6 Four Seasons tires have the BMW star mark on their sidewalls. This insignia indicates that they've been approved for use on certain models produced by BMW. Those include the BMW 535i and 540i.