Pirelli P6000 Tires

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Pirelli® P6000™ tires were made for all those drivers out there who love Mother Nature. They're also made for drivers who, well, just love driving. That shouldn't come as a surprise because they're made by Pirelli, a company known around the world for its outstanding performance tires. With Pirelli P6000 tires, you'll get traction and handling with low rolling resistance.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli P6000 Tires


Pirelli P6000 tires incorporate several design technologies that make them environmentally friendly. Their shape, their tread pattern, and the materials used in them all reduce the rolling resistance of these tires. That in turn helps maximize your vehicle's fuel efficiency. The benefits for you: a smaller gasoline bill and a smaller carbon footprint.


When you fit your vehicle with new Pirelli tires, you're going to get outstanding performance. That's no different with P6000 tires. They'll provide tight traction in all summer conditions. In addition, your vehicle's steering response will improve with a set of these tires.

Audi Original Equipment Tires

Pirelli P6000 tires are original equipment (OE) on several high-end vehicles around the world, including the Audi TT. Select models of the TT roll off the assembly line on these tires.

Jaguar Original Equipment Tires

Jaguar also fits some of their new vehicles with the P6000, including the Jaguar S-Type and XJ.

Volvo Original Equipment Tires

If you drive a Volvo C70 or S40, you might already have a set of these tires on their vehicle. Even if you don't, it's a smart idea to put a new set of P6000 tires on your vehicle because you know that Volvo approves them.