Pirelli Scorpion Verde Tires

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Pirelli® Scorpion™ Verde™ tires are ideal for SUV and crossover drivers who want to protect Mother Nature. The "Verde" in the name, which is Italian for "green," signifies their environmentally friendly design. Just because they're eco-friendly doesn't mean they to sacrifice performance. After all, they're made by Pirelli, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli Scorpion Verde Tires


Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires are worthy of the Verde name for several reasons. Together, the careful design of the tread pattern and the shape of the profile lower the tires' rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance tires help your vehicle get the best fuel efficiency possible by making it easier for your vehicle to propel itself. Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires were made of materials with relatively low weights, furthering reducing your vehicle's fuel consumption. These materials also reduce the negative effects of the production process on the environment.

Professional-Quality Traction

Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires have a specialized tread pattern that quickly forces moisture out from underneath the tires. That way there's nothing between the tread and the pavement to prevent excellent traction. These tires feature a large contact patch that decreases braking distance, helping you come to a complete stop quickly.

Responsive Steering

The responsive steering that you'll get with these tires comes from their highly stable design. The sidewall structure and the tread pattern create stability that can hold up under the weight of your truck or SUV, high summertime temperatures, and the pressure added by cornering. The incredible handling you'll receive from these tires will keep you safer when you need to maneuver quickly.