Pirelli Scorpion Winter Eco SUV Tires

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Pirelli® Scorpion™ Winter Eco SUV tires might seem like they're too good to be true. They offer excellent traction on roads that are compromised by rain, snow, and ice. They can maintain their outstanding handling capabilities throughout the roughest months of the year. Add to that the eco-friendliness of these tires and it's no surprise why Pirelli Scorpion Winter Eco SUV tires have such a great reputation for safety, performance, and fuel efficiency.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli Scorpion Winter Eco SUV Tires

Great Traction in Bad Weather

When the weather gets bad during the winter, keeping your SUV in the garage probably isn't an option. That's why you need tires made to deal with winter driving conditions. Pirelli Scorpion Winter Eco SUV tires are designed with deep circumferential grooves and siped tread blocks that both work to give you traction when the roads are bad. The rubber compounds used in Pirelli Scorpion Winter Eco SUV tires also help them perform in cold weather. If you drive in conditions that are consistently at or below 45 degrees Farhenheit, these tires can give you an extra performance edge.

Superb Handling

Thanks to a modular tread block design, Pirelli Scorpion Winter Eco SUV tires are able to respond to both your steering and the shape of the road with ease. You'll be able to feel every inch of every turn when you're behind the wheel. When there's snow, sleet, ice, or rain on the road this can help you maintain control of vehicle. These tires can give you handling benefits that all-season tires might not be able to in winter conditions.


As if excellent traction and responsive handling weren't enough, Pirelli designed these tires with the green consumer in mind. The shape of the tire, the tread pattern, and the materials used in the Pirelli Scorpion Winter Eco SUV help it roll as efficiently as possible. When a tire rolls efficiently, it requires less power from your engine. As a result, your engine needs less fuel to move your vehicle. Over the life of these tires, you can save a pretty penny at the gas pump.