Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires

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Pirelli® Scorpion™ Zero™ tires provide outstanding all-season and light off-road performance. Add to that a design intended for powerful SUVs, and you get a tire that'll enhance your driving in every way. Holding a tight grip on the road and performing reliably off the road are no sweat for these tires. That's why they're ideal for SUV models produced by some of today's best automakers including Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires


Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires carry the M+S designation, which indicates their excellent traction in mud and snow while on the road. Their tread pattern and construction materials create stability for all-terrain handling and off-road traction. With these tires on your SUV, be confident that you'll be able to come to a complete stop quickly. Additionally, Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires are designed to make your ride smooth and quiet so that you can enjoy every mile of it.

Porsche-Approved Tires

Porsche's commitment to perfection doesn't end with their vehicle parts. They also go to lengths to ensure that the tires on their brand new vehicles meet fit and performance standards. When Porsche approves tires for their vehicles, the tires have an "N" followed by a number. That's why we recommend Pirelli Scorpion Zero N0 tires for your Porsche SUV.

Mercedes-Benz Original Equipment Tires

Mercedes-Benz also carefully chooses the tires that they'll allow on their new vehicles. They designate these tires with an "MO" (Mercedes-Benz Original Equipment). When it's time to replace your tires, choose Pirelli Scorpion Zero MO tires, which are approved for the following models by Mercedes-Benz:

  • GL320
  • GL450
  • G55 AMG