Pirelli W210 SnowSport Tires

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Pirelli® W210 SnowSport tires were designed for high performance cars and high-end luxury sedans and saloons. Unlike most winter tires on the market today, these feature a high speed rating and a low-profile design. That way, when the roads aren't covered in snow and slush during the winter, you'll be ready to kick your vehicle into high gear. Their low profile adds the extra style that consumers have come to expect from Pirelli.

Technology & Benefits of Pirelli W210 SnowSport Tires


The performance of Pirelli W210 SnowSport tires is superior to that of other winter tires because of their responsive handling. Even when the roads are slick, these tires will make your vehicle respond to every turn of your steering wheel with speed and precision. All that excellent handling comes from the high stability these tires maintain under all kinds of conditions.


Pirelli W210 SnowSport tires aren't just good for high performance driving. They're also good for safety when you're not pushing your car to exciting levels. They provide traction whether the roads are dry or covered by rain, snow, sleet, or whatever else winter will throw at you.

Ideal Vehicles

Pirelli W210 SnowSport tires perform well on any vehicle that has to drive through winter weather but are particularly excellent on certain vehicles. If you drive any of the models in the following list, consider fitting them on your vehicle for the winter months. Pirelli W210 SnowSport tires are ideal for these vehicles:

  • Jaguar X-Type
  • Nissan Altima
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Saab 9-2X
  • Saab 9-3