Sumitomo HTR Z

Sumitomo® HTR Z tires will meet the demands of drivers seeking ultra high performance tires. They're ready to take any vehicle to an exciting level. Once your vehicle is there, these tires will grip the road giving you optimal performance. Wet roads can't even stop them from holding onto the pavement. Another major benefit of Sumitomo HTR Z tires is their ability to enhance your vehicle's steering response.

Technology & Benefits of Sumitomo HTR Z Tires

Dry Traction

Picture a nice and sunny summer day. The temperature is perfect. You can hear your high performance vehicle calling your name from its parking spot. It wants to stretch its legs. Sumitomo HTR Z tires will make sure it gets its exercise. Under ideal conditions, these tires will make it incredibly easy to accelerate off the line, take tight corners, and quickly come to a stop. The ride won't just be fun; it'll also be safer thanks to these tires.

Wet Traction

Too bad the weather and the road conditions aren't always ideal. But that's okay. With a set of Sumitomo HTR Z tires, you can still open up your engine when the roads are wet. Their tread pattern is specifically designed to push moisture out of the way so that the tread blocks can gain traction.


Sumitomo HTR Z tires possess highly stable sidewalls and internal layers. That stability results in faster and more accurate handling. These tires and a vehicle with sports-tuned suspension make a great pair, especially for drivers who truly love to drive.